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DLO MP7 ,Not backing Open word file?

Created: 25 Jun 2013 • Updated: 26 Jun 2013 | 1 comment
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hello guys

i am using DLO MP7 , most of our DLO agents have said tht they are not been able to backup the open word or excel file, is it any way to protect open file?

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DLO does not protect open files. It will attempt to back up files when they are closed or saved. If a file cannot be backed up because it is open (for example, a Word document you are editing) it will remain in the Desktop Agent's pending list. The Desktop Agent will attempt to back up the file at the next backup time. This also means that certain files opened by the operating system will not be backed up, they never close when the operating system is running.
The exception to this is protection of open PST files. The Desktop Agent is designed to protect open PST files if they are part of the profile or user's backup selections. Incremental backups must be enabled for open file backups of PST files.
Excluding Files that are Always Open
On desktop computers running Windows XP and Windows 2000, the following folders and file types are
generally always open and DLO is unable to back up these files. Adding these files to the Global Excludes
list, or backup selection exclude list will prevent them from always being listed in the pending files list on
the Desktop Agent.
■ C:\Windows\System32\Config
■ registry hives and logs, including *.DAT.LOG, *.LOG and the files system, SECURITY, default, SAM, and
■ C:\Windows\System32\wbem
■ *.EVT
■ *.LOG (in particular, STI_Trace.log, WIADEBUG.LOG, WIASERVC.LOG)
■ *.DAT (in particular, NTUSER.DAT, USRCLASS.DAT)
About Backup Selections
Backup selections specify which files and folders you want to back up on desktops. Backup selections created by DLO administrators within profiles are called profile backup selections. Desktop users can also create backup selections or modify profile backup selections if the DLO administrator has provided them with sufficient rights.
Backup selections are easily customized to meet a wide variety of needs. With in each backup selection you can do the following:
■ Specify the path to be backed up
■ Choose to include or exclude subfolders, file types, or specific folders
■ Set the number of revisions retained for each file in the backup selection, the frequency with which
they are saved, and instructions on how long to retain backup files
■ Configure the backup selection to transfer only the changed portions of files
■ Compress or encrypt the files for transmission and storage
■ Specify how long to retain backup files after the source files are deleted
Caution: Symantec strongly recommends that you consider disk space when choosing backup selections for
desktops and laptops. A large number of local copies may cause the Desktop Agent user's computer to run
out of disk space. For example, you may want to avoid selecting entire drives for backup or
taken from DLO MP7 guide
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