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DLO PCs Cannot be Restored

Created: 11 Jan 2013 | 2 comments


After moving the Network Users' Data Folder to another location, all the computers under DLO Restore Tab are un selectable and are not showing any data. This also happens in normal cases when there is no change in Network Backup Folder.

How can we fix it and what if we need to restore a user's data in this situation?


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1. Stop the DLO Services.

2. Close any Explorer window or application that may point to the existing storage location folders.

3. Move one user network data folder with Windows Explorer (cut and paste) to the new storage location.

4. Start the DLO Services.

5. On the DLO Console, choose the affected user, and right click to select "move user network data folder".

6. Select the new location and start the process. You should receive an error message stating that the folder does not exist. Continue the procedure until it finishes.

The user will now be located in the new storage location.

Note:  When trying to move the original folders from the existing storage location to the new one, some files may have long names and may not be moved. The folder will remain on the existing location with only those few files.

In this case continue to follow step 4 and the rest, the old folder with a few files will be moved but the new location will still include all of the resource selections.

Additionally check the links below too

Hope that helps



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How is all this going to help the user?