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DLO profiles settings for better performance - Backups time

Created: 09 Aug 2012 | 3 comments

Hello community,

Our company has recently adquired the DLO solution and we've been struggling (literally) with the profiles settings to achieve optimal time of the backup process.

Before putting the system into production, we performed many tests, and this were the results:

As you can see, the backup times were extremily high acording to the data:

1° Img: 1.01 GB -> 01:16:53

2° Img: 3.90 GB -> 03:01:23 (How is this possible?)

Additional Information:

OS: W2K8 R2 SP1 Updated
Network: Gigabit Ethernet 100/1000 Mbps
Domain: Yes
DLO: Version 7.0
DLO profiles settings: By Default

After that, we've been trying to make changes of the profiles (encryption, compression, backup control, etc) but with no remarkable changes.

I am completely sure that this is due to configuration, because our last solution (free) could backup the same amount of information (3.9 GB) in only 3 - 4 minutes. (in the same conditions)

I am totally grateful for the prompt help/assistance.



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I am sorry to hear that you are facing issues with configuring the DLO. We shall help you to resolve this issue.

The first copy of the file of size greater than 1 GB may take close to 7 minutes, not any more. Further copies, if Delta is enabled, takes little time.

Enabling delta not only reduces the time but also reduces space consumption as it copies to the NUDF only changes made in the file and not the entire file.

To enable delta, go to profile properties > choose the backup selection > Options > Check Delta transfer

Can you try this setting and let us kno the results?

Also, ensure that DLO has adequate bandwidth available on the network. The bamdwidth to DLO can be restricted using throttling settings in a profile.

Profile properties > Backup throttling

Kindly let us know if the above information resolves the issue.



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Dear Avinash,

Unfortunately, we still cannot solve this issue.

I'd be grateful if you can give me the optimized/recommended profile configuration (step by step if possible... which options i must set up or change, check or uncheck,  I beg you) to reduce the backup times in these 2 scenarios:

1. First full backup (Planned)
2. Then, backup files (defined path) every time a file changes.

The defined paths contain only pst files (3-20 GB) and ms office files (10-150 GB).
I've also tried to set up bandwith options with no succes. We haven't noted problems in our network.

Thanks for the valuable help.

Best regards,


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Can you let me know the details about the network storage? What machine is this and its configuration? Can you check how much time it takes to do a copy and paste of the same file from the desktop to the storage location? that result will help us in isolating if this is DLOissue or network.