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DLO Storage Location support CIFS shares?

Created: 24 Jul 2012 | 8 comments

Hello support, I'm installing DLO 7 and I have EMC Data Domain appliance, this is a storage to backup with deduplication.

In the DD I can create CIFS shares.

Can I to configure this CIFS shares in Storage Location DLO?


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CraigV's picture're able to use network shares within DLO 7 as storage areas. Create a share on the Data Domain and see if this is allowed within DLO 7.

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Hi CraigV, yes I created the CIFS share in Data Domain and from Windows 2008 R2 where I installed DLO 7, I can access and create a folder in this share. If I browse \\datadomain\DLO share I can create a folder, I have access with Write and Read permision.
Can you help me how do I set storage location with this CIFS share?
can you explain the steps?


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...straight from the DLO 7 admin guide (which I'd suggest you also download):

1 On the DLO navigation bar, click Setup.

2 In the Selection pane, click File Servers.

3 In the Task pane, under Settings Tasks, click New Storage Location.

4 Select the appropriate options as described in the following table.

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Ok I go to this option but I can't set a CIFS share.

The screen of New Storage Location is:

Computer name: datadomain  (nambe of Storage)

Path: I can't put \\datadomain\dlo  share

Storage Location name: datadomain

The data domain not have a physical drive

What data do I need to set in this screen?

The wizard only accept a letter DRIVE in the PATH and in my Data Domain I haven't a letter drive, is only CIFS share.
Ex. \\datadomain\DLO

Can I set an UNC share?


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You will not be able to add the storage location in the DLO unless you see the Drive for that in my computer.

If you have a network storage location like NAS which usually wouldn't have the Drive letter to be shown to windows you need to add the storage at the time you create the user.

You need to add the user manually and there you need to specify the storage loation with the UNC path for the CIFS share. e.g, \\IP\share

Hope this helps

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you have to create NUDF for every user manually on perticular path like \\IP\share and have to give particular user READ\WRITE permission. 


We are faceing issue in Exchange without GRT Backup, it failling with error " The Exchange store service not responding ".

Kindly find attached image file.

Environment :

Backup Exec 2010 R3 (

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Hello, In the CIFS share I have read and write permission, I can write any file. I tested to create a .txt document and works ok. I see the note TECH77351 but doesn't work.

I have another question.

I mapped the CIFS Share with L: letter in my computer of DLO.

In the wizard to create Storage Location when I put the letter L:\DLO to create a folder to repository a message appear (see attach) "The path \\server\L$\DLO does not exist. Would you like  to create it?

My question is:

why the letter is L$? how can I set this CIFS share with L$?

This point is a requirement?


STLO.docx 23.6 KB
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When you have a hidden share it is represented by $ at the end. It won't be visible when you try to access via \\servername without putting the share name.

Anyways you would not be allowed to add the Mapped drive as a storage location as that would no be visible as a local disk drive which should be visible when you try to create a storage location.

To add the CIFS share as a storage for all the users you need to add them manually.

On the NAS box create individual folders for the users (e.g, for user abc create folder abc). While you add the user Manually you can add the storage location as \\NASServer\abc

Hope this helps