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DLO Tape Out for longer retention period

Created: 24 Mar 2012 | 1 comment

We are evaluating DLO for a large multi-site deployment. We have a long retention period (18 months) for desktop/laptop backups, and are concerned about the sizing of the storage which is required. An idea we are thinking of is to perform a backup of the DLO file server(s) using NetBackup Enterprise on a monthly basis, and keeping the retention period of backups on the DLO file servers down to 30 - 45 days.

This would work great for a Disaster Recovery, since we can then restore the entire DLO File Server locally or remotely, as required, from tape.

However, as an example, what if we need to restore a single file from a desktop backup from 6 months ago. How do we get the data from tape (which is a full backup of the DLO file servers) onto the file server for that single file restore ? Do w need to restore the ENTIRE DLO File Server, or can we just restore single files or folders.

We are considering setting up a DLO File Server for restores only. Is it possible to just restore the folder containing the user's name on the DLO File server only, and then restore that file from the Restore DLO File Server ?

I've been searching the forums and sites, but cannot find any white papers or forums specific to DLO. I do find some, but they are so old, they still reference Veritas as the company name instead of Symantec. Any pointers to good forums for DLO only would be appreciated,

Cheers, Jack...

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With the DLO 7.0 release out, support has moved back to the BackupExec arena.  You might want to try opening this same thread over on the BE forum and see if they can help.

But I can always point you to documentation:

Symantec Desktop and Laptop Option Version 7.0 Readme

Symantec Desktop and Laptop Option 7.0 Compatibility Matrix

Symantec Desktop and Laptop Option (SDLO) Version 7.0 Administrator's Guide (English)

Good luck! | APPLBN | 761LBN