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DLP 11.6 Enforce

Created: 10 Nov 2012 | 4 comments


I want to update all the incidents on the enforce with some attribute value, after selecting all incidents when i try perform incident action Set attribute.

Application is throwing following error message

 An unexpected error has occurred. This could be due to one of the following: 1) Your session timed out and you selected a link that was no longer valid, 2) You used the browser back or forward button placing the system into an inconsistent state, or 3) The system experienced a temporary problem.

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Hi naveen,

 This is a "standard" error message from DLP solution. Usually each time i have it, it is related to a database issue (tablespace full, database is locked for any reason, protect user quota is full,.....). Ask your DBA to have a look at your DB, and look in DLP log files to see if you have any oracle error messages.


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Hi Naveen, 

Please specify the attribute which u wanted to change also let me know the is there is anything new changes has been updated since this may affect schema/DB issues.

Above error is std error for DLP. If u select incident more than the DLP capasity(By default 10,000) then it cant handle and omit above error msg so also confirm the selction of incident and let me know the status.

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This might be an easy fix of just reatrting the Enforce Manager.

Please make sure to mark this as a solution

to your problem, when possible.

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Hi Naveen,

You can restart all vontu services step by step and check whether problem resolves. Else restart Enforec and Oracle DB servers to get update of attribute change as incident stored in DB and there may be incident modfication table/schema issue. I hope it will resolves by following above steps.