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DLP Agent (Kvoop.exe) make CPU upto 50%

Created: 26 Dec 2012 | 2 comments


    I got a problem, When i send e-mail from my mail client (Outlook 2007), the process kvoop.exe would make CPU upto 50%.

    Pls give me a hand.

    1. Version 11.6

    2. OS Windows 7 (32bit)

    3. Mail Client Outlook 2007

    4. it's happened when there is a attachment in email (pdf, zip etc.)

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Check mithun Comments

Mithun Sanghavi Symantec Employee Technical Support Accredited


It is recommeded to have certain Exclsuions created when SEP and DLP are installed on the same machine.

I would request you to contact the DLP (Vontu) Technical Support for the same.

Also, check this Article:

The Kvoop.exe is the one that scans the computer when you are running Endpoint Discovery to find confidential information stored on the Endpoint system. It is a process that is part of SMS SMTP 5 and it performs out-of-process (that's what oop in kvoop stands for) True Type file identification and filtering.


Hope that helps!!


Thanks In Advance

Ashish Sharma

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are the attachments huge in size?

does it happe only during email sent as an attachment?