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DLP agent unistall password

Created: 05 Oct 2011 | 6 comments
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Hi all,

Do you know if i can set an uninstall password for the DLP Agent???

Any comment will be apreciate.


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A new feature for DLP 11.1 is the option to configure an Endpoint Agent uninstall password.

The UninstallPwdKeyGenerator.exe creates an uninstall password key which is used within Install_Agent.bat.

The UninstallPwdKeyGenerator.exe is included with the 11.1 Agent Tools. This tool is used to generate the value you use for UNINSTALLPASSWORDKEY within the Install_Agent.bat file.

The tool must be in the same directory as PGPsdk.dll. 

The following is an example of how to create a key hash to use for the UNINSTALLPASSWORDKEY value.

UninstallPwdKeyGenerator.exe -xp=the-password-you-want-to-require-for-uninstalling-edpa

example output of tool: 8D98A265FFFC7C42CD4860AAE01DB23D957F8F9E

example format to use in Install_Agent.bat UNINSTALLPASSWORDKEY="8D98A265FFFC7C42CD4860AAE01DB23D957F8F9E"

example format to use with Uninstall_Agent.bat UNINSTALLPASSWORD="the-password-you-want-to-require-for-uninstalling-edpa"

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I didn't use UninstallPwdGenerator.exe, I just put it in the install_agent.bat UNINSTALLPASSWORD="password".

I know it is impossible to put it in the new password.

There is only re-install the DLP agent.

But when I tried to uninstall, DLP agent keep ask me the password.

Does anyone knows how to uninstall the DLP agent??

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you can do it the hard way ... stop/remove the services from Windows, then you could remove the directory, then you could reinstall the agent ... teh new configuration should overwrite all registry keys. I used the command "sc delete edpa && sc delete wdp"

I've done this as a test with version 10.0.


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UninstallPwdKeyGenerator.exe utility should be run on the Enforce server.'s picture

Good, I was searching a solution for uninstalling password. I got it now

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Refer to this article


-Syed Hussain


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