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DLP and Titus

Created: 03 Sep 2013 • Updated: 24 Jan 2014 | 6 comments
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Hey guys,

I am looking for more information on the creation of a flexresponse to use with Titus clasification engine.

Here is the scenario:

Discover or endpoint Discover detects information and an incident is generated (Based on a policy that is able to detect that the data should be clasified as "confidential"). - Then a flex response can be executed to tag the value "confidential" into the document Titus metadata.

I am just not completely sure if Titus has a command line syntax I can use (something similar to the way it is done with Netshare).

Thanks in advance for your help,


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DLP integrates with Titus in two ways.

1. If you turn on metadata extraction in DLP then we can see the tags which Titus adds to the custom properties of office documents for content identification.

To turn on document metadata detection on Detection Server :

i. Select Detection Server in System Overview to open Server Detail page

ii. Cick on Server Settings in to bring up the server advanced settings page

iii. Change ContentExtraction.EnableMetaData from "off" to "on" (don't use the quotes)

iv. Recycle the Detection

2. Titus have also developed a FlexResponse in their latest version, which calls their API so that DLP functionality can add Titus tags to the customer properties of Microsoft documents for classifying sensitive content found on files shares by Network Discover.

But having said that there are some known issues related to this.


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      Can i import titus fingerprinted database into Symantec DLP, If yes then what are the steps need to follow.



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Looks like you asked the same question before..

Overall Titus does have a solution to do this, though I am not sure if it is a command line or one of their designed FlexResponses.


You cannot import the Titus Fingerprints inot Titus.. The are BOTH proprietary and NOT compatible.

Hope this makes sense.

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Titus does have a command line tool that can be used to set tags to files with a DLP FlexResponse. The command line tool is part of the TITUS Classification Software Development Kit that can be requested from Titus.

The tool is called tcd.exe

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Thanks for reply.

But i am still confused regarding FlexResponse. If any one having use cases, so please share.

My requirement is how can we fingerprint titus classified file, because customer want to monitor titus classified file whether user trying to send file to external domain or copying file to pen drive etc...