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DLP database maintenance 11.1.1

Created: 04 Sep 2012 | 5 comments

Need some help with DLP 11.1.1    I've run out of physical disk space.    I've deleted as much incident data through the console as possible.  Why have I not recovered the space for new incidents.

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i believe this is a limit in the user.dbf file which is 33 gig this should help

To create additional files follow these steps:

  1. Open up a command prompt
  2. Launch SQLPLUS by typing the following command sqlplus /nolog  and hit enter
  3. From the SQL> prompt type connect sys as sysdba and hit enter
  4. Provide the password for sys:
  5. From the SQL> prompt type: alter tablespace "USERS" ADD DATAFILE 'd:\oracle\product\10.2.0\oracdata\protect\users02.dbf' size 138240k reuse autoextend on next 10240k maxsize 32767M
    1. Provide the full path to the location of the database
    2. Change USERS02.dbf to a different name
    3. Repeat as needed
    4. Restart Oracle and Vontu Services

Data will begin to flow into the DLP system after the restart

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While the above may help in adding MORE tablespace for data, this doesn't reduce your current usage, but is definitely a good option to increase your space as needed.

It sounds to me like you may be running out of actual space on the system. Either way, there are automated processes that will go through and purge the empty tablespace from incidents that have been deleted on a nightly basis. This is usually set to run late evening, early AM. There is also a way to do this manually if needed, but we would suggest talking to an Oracle DBA to do this, or work with support to ensure the process is being done correctly without impacting the other incident data.

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Jhildy11 Xcend Group's picture

Quick answer...database may need to be compacted to recoup the space. Could be a quicker fix but Shawn is likely correct in his assumptions.

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I belive in the templated installation the DB size is 300 gig, that is ton of incidents. how big is your organization? and what is the retenetion of the incidents?

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You can refer DLP maintence guide and purge the DB as per data retantion policy of your organization. You can do all backend operation with sqllite tool.