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DLP Endpoint configuration question and quandry...

Created: 14 Oct 2013

Here is the scenerio, I have four Endpoint server and a bit over 10,000 endpoints running the agent. The agent was installed via SCCM and is supposed to communicate to a specific primary endpoint server with the other three as fail-over. The primary endpoint server is selected via the location of the computer at install time.

Using Symantec Article ID: 52615, I am able to dump the configuration of an agent and the dump shows the primary endpoint server is not the one it should be communicating with. I am wondering if this is because it couldn't communicate with the primary endpoint server and failed over to one of the backups and the configuraion dump is reflecting this, or is the data in CG.EAD static in which case it should not show a different primay endpoint server than expected, or is the information stored in CG.EAD dymanic based off the endpoint server it was able to communicate with?

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