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DLP Mail Prevent Max File Size

Created: 06 Mar 2013 | 7 comments
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By Default, what is the maximum attachment file size that the DLP SMTP prevent server can process or analyze ??

How can we increase these maximum values ??

We are having problems with some emails stucked in the Symantec Messaging Gateway delivery queue. ( Reflecting mode )

Almost 99% of all corporate emails are being delivered normally after DLP analysis, but some compressed files remain in the processing queue with the error :

Attempt Delivery to: DLP --------  421  4.3.0 Fatal: Processing Error. Closing Connection

Any Server Advanced Setting to configure in DLP 11.5 ??


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incraese the SMG timeout session. what is the current time out on SMG?

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For Inbound and Outbound SMTP Configurations, the Session Timeout is 30 Seconds.

For SMTP Delivery Configurations, the Connection Timeout is 30 Seconds

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whats the size of attachment being sent?

can you increase this timeout from 30 to say a minute and see if it helps?

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Please let me know the no of mails sent out in 1sec or minute. 


Sumit G.

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Hi Sumit G.

The maximum by hour in the last 24 hours is 1730 messages by hour.  The minimum was 25.

By minute, 29 messages.

The SMG is 8380 model.

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Hi Pete,

The size of the text file attachment is : 2.7 Mb compressed.  Uncompressed 24 Mb.

The SMTP outbound session timeout was increased to 60 seconds and the problem is the same.

Are you suggesting increase this value or the SMTP Delivery Connection Timeout ??


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U can consider suggestion that above pete_4u2002 Symantec Employee has provided also refer below for understanding