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DLP, PGP and SEP integration

Created: 07 Oct 2012 | 4 comments
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Dear All,

We need to deploy DLP,PGP and SEP integrated solution I am in need of any presentation which Shows work flow, and good practices for deploying all these together.


Kashif Sohail

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We need it too.

Kindly help please..

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Symantec Protection Center (SPC) can help with the integration between the products.  SPC provides a console for integration and then allows you to access each console that you have acces to from that console.

As for deployment it all depends on what you are trying to do.  I am making an assumption you are talking about DLP on the Endpoint due to SEP/PGP/DLP in the question.

Remember SEP doesn't care about the content of the files it cares more about the context of the files.  So if I copy a file to an approved USB drive (based on device/application control) SEP doesn't care about what is on the file(s).  DLP will

I would start w/ a deployment of SEP and then move towards either DLP or PGP based on the needs of the customer/organziation.  Is each node getting PGP and DLP or only select?  Do you have other portions of DLP arleady deployed in your organziation? Answer to those questions would help guide the rollout.

Jonathan Jesse Practice Principal ITS Partners

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Many thanks for your reply.

1. Yes we would be going like this First SEP would be deployed.

2. Then PGP and DLP would be deployed to achieve the following goals

  2.1 Emails would be encrypted, but before encryption every email will be first monitored through DLP rules so that no confidential document would be sent out.

  2.2 Web browsing will be done via SWG but contents will be monitored through DLP.

  2.3 USB Data should be encrypted along with WDE, But when any mobile user come we would be able to provide him encrypted USB/Portable device with Data that can be dcrypted by user with passphrase of any other methodoly without the usage of any third party software.

  2.4 If someone trying to leak out any confidential data via USB then DLP should be monitoring the contents before Encryption.

  2.5 Usage of SEP would be if any one trying to copy again and again then DLP should trigger some rule to get the USB blocked. or if DLP have this capbability then Excellent.

  2.6 Do we need Data Protection center License as a MUST for these three to integrate, if yes then what benefits would be given by Data protection center. 

The important thing would be desinging of the flow in this whole scnario.


Kashif Sohail

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I would also look into Symantec Protection Center, I believe it is free and gives you a global overview of whats going on with SEP DLP and PGP. It is real time results with built in workflow templates for some automated security policies... I do have to say that SPC does not work with DLP 11.6 they are aware of this and are working on fixing this in the next release.