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DLP port issue

Created: 10 Nov 2012 • Updated: 13 Dec 2012 | 4 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.


Wht are the diffrence ports used by DLP server to commun icate eachother...?

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Hi Ambesh, 

Please find some ports for more details refer Admin guide.

1. Enforce Server (https) -- port: 443 (Windows)

                                       port: 8443 (Linux)

2. Upgrade Wizard (Enforce) -- 8300

3. Communications from Enforce to Oracle Database -- 1521

4. Communications from Enforce to Detection Servers (DLP servers) -- 8100 (Default)

5. Communications from Endpoint Agents to Endpoint Server -- port: 8000



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can you clarify the question again?

"DLP server to commun icate eachother" do you mean enforcer server?

or communication between detection server /enforcer server/db?

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Firewall Ports required for Symantec Data Loss Prevention Components                    
Source    Destination    Protocol    Port    Action    Comment
Enforce    Network Monitor    TCP    8100    Allow    
Enforce    Network Web Prevent    TCP    8100    Allow    
Enforce    Network Mail Prevent    TCP    8100    Allow    
Enforce    Network Discover    TCP    8100    Allow    
Enforce    Endpoint Server    TCP    8100    Allow    
Endpoint Agent     Endpoint server    TCP    8000    Allow    
Management PC    Enforce    TCP    443    Allow    
Network Discover     Target Server     TCP    445    Allow    This is for CIFS shares
Network Discover     Target Server     TCP    2049    Allow    This is for NFS shares
WebScanner agent    Network Discover    TCP    8090    Allow    This is for webscanner agent
Management PC    Enforce, any server    TCP    3389    Allow    *RDP useful  for troubleshooting

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