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DLP scanning of MySQL 5.5 target

Created: 20 Nov 2012 • Updated: 14 Dec 2012 | 5 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

I configured MySQL 5.5 Server with one Network Discovery Server but when I run the scan I get this error. I searched this over symantec connect forum but could not find any specific solution to this error.

  WARNING Failed to read sqlserver:@//; error: Unable to create a database connection: Unable to create connection: jdbc:jtds:sqlserver:@//, Reason: The syntax of the connection URL 'jdbc:jtds:sqlserver:@//' is invalid.
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I removed the @ sign in the string now I am getting this error.

Failed to read sqlserver://; error: Unable to create a database connection: Unable to create connection: jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://, Reason: I/O Error: Unknown packet type 0x45

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Hi Atif,

Please refer

If you are using a domain account for scanning SQL Server databases, the syntax of “<domain>\<username>” in the credentials field of the scan will not work.  This syntax will cause a login error on the scan. 

In order to specify the domain, it must be included in the database connection string using the following syntax:


 In the scan credentials field, you then must specify the domain user name without the domain qualification.

 More information on the exact syntax of the database call through the JTDS driver can be found at:

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Hi Atif,

Also find the below

To enable SQL Query logging in the Manager:

  1. Edit \Vontu\Protect\config\
  2. Set com.vontu.jdbc.level to FINE
  3. Set com.vontu.util.jdbc.JDBCLogHandler.level to FINE
  4. Restart the VontuManager process.

Once SQL logging is enabled, go into the UI and perform any task that is perceived as slow; i.e., run reports, select incidents -- whatever takes more time than it should.

Any SQL statement not executed through OJB will be logged to \Vontu\Protect\logs\jdbc.log along with the time it took to execute the statement.

After performing this test:

  1. Reset com.vontu.jdbc.level to INFO
  2. Reset com.vontu.util.jdbc.JDBCLogHandler.level to INFO
  3. Restart the VontuManager process.
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Thanks Kishorilal,

Can you please confirm that last post of your is related to SQL scanning or Enforce performance issue? I am asking this question because we are facing severe Enforce performance issue at one our clients and I doubt that their database (external instance provided by client) is the cause of slow enforce performance. Do you suggest that above steps are for performance related issue or for SQL target scanning?