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DLP v12

Created: 03 Jan 2012 | 4 comments

I would like to find out Symantec's plan for DLP v12 rollout/timeline and when Symantec will start offering v12 training. I heard release for 2012 anywhere from Q1 to Q3. We're thinking about sending few people to DLP v11 training soon but if v12 is just around the corner, we'd like to wait for it. Any helpful information would be appreciated.

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Don't know anything special on this but it seems that in the past Symantec has done a point release in the summer and a major release in the Spring.  If I recall 10.0 came out in the spring (end of Q1?) and 10.5 came out in the fall (end of Q3)?

Same for 11.0 and 11.1 so I woul d assume 12.0 would come out end of Q3 and 12.1 or 12.5 whatever they call it would come out in the fall?

But I haven't seen any roadmap or anything

Jonathan Jesse Practice Principal ITS Partners

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Hi, There is no annoucement for DLP 12 from Symantec till date.

Would request you to continue for training with whatever current version available because new version release is continous process and its nerver ending too :-)

Thanks & Regards,

AR Sharma, CISSP

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I have been in meeting with Symantec reps. No information on version 12 so far, neither on what imrovements it will provide. I think you can send your guys on current version training with no fear. Try to contact your local Symantec contacts - this is not so hard to do and will give you insight from the inside.


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Hi Velvin,

For the past several releases there has been a slight change to the methodology for versioning DLP. Rather than assigning a version at the beginning of the project our develpers are giving the project a code name and then once it's going to Beta they assign it a version number based on what actually ended up in that particular release. I won't go into the details of how a version number gets assigned, but the key here is that it's not something we decide until a month or two before it actually releases.

With that in mind, I suspect that the rumors you heard about v12 coming out early this year were actually referencing the project that ended up being v11.5 (released in late January 2012). I had heard similar rumors early in 2011 that the release scheduled for early this year would be v12.0, so you may have gotten wind of those same speculations.

Regarding training, I would recommend looking at what features are in (or projected to be in) each release and base your training decisions around that. For instance, with v11.5 (just released) the primary thing we added was tablet support. If monitoring/blocking on an iPad is of interest to your organization you may want to make sure they get into a training covering 11.5.

There are several minor revisions scheduled through this year which will be patch rollups and enhancements but likely won't contain any major features. The next 'major' release (the one I suspect will actually get the 12.0 moniker) is currently slated to release in the early 2013 timeframe (subject to change, of course).

Hope that helps!

Tim Deese

Principal Business Critical Engineer

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