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DLP v12 Agent Package Size and Memory utlization post installation

Created: 06 Jan 2014 • Updated: 06 Jan 2014 | 6 comments
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Dear All,

I need to know the size of the Agent package of version 12 and also what is the normal memory utilization or what size does it occupy on the disk post installation.

Need a quick reply..

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DLP for windows

agent x86 around 27 MB

x64 around 36 MB.

Memory is around 20 MB when normal * edpa.exe and wdp.exe)

on disk around 100 MB.

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Dear Pete,

Can you please provide me something which can support your above mentioned stats. I need something official, if you can provide..

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i do not know if such thing exists..

you may download the package from fileconnect to know the size of exe.

and once installed you may monito the process and memory usage.

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Im asking about the general scenario in a fresh DLP Agent Installation. Is this mentioned in any document from symantec so that I can show this to my client

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from system requirement guide, hope this helps

Memory and disk space requirements for the Symantec DLP Agent
The Symantec DLP Agent software reserves a minimum of 25 MB to 30 MB of
memory on the Endpoint computer, depending on the actual version of the
software. The DLP Agent software temporarily consumes additional memory
while it detects content or communicates with the Endpoint Prevent server. After
these tasks are complete, the memory usage returns to the previous minimum.
The initial Symantec DLP Agent installation consumes approximately 70 MB to
80 MB of hard disk space. The actual minimum amount depends on the size and
number of policies that you deploy to the endpoint computer. Additional disk
space is then required to temporarily store incident data on the endpoint computer
until the Symantec DLP Agent sends that data to the Endpoint Prevent server. If
the endpoint computer cannot connect to the Endpoint Prevent server for an
extended period of time, the Symantec DLP Agent will continue to consume
additional disk space as new incidents are created. The disk space is freed only
after the agent software reconnects to the Endpoint Prevent server and transfers
the stored incidents.

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Hi Pete,

Can you email me the system requirement guide for v12 now ?..