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DLP Vontu policy templates

Created: 09 Feb 2012 | 10 comments

I was wondering if there is a location where there are DLP Vontu policy templates/examples anywhere? I know there are canned templates in the tool, but I think it would be great if there was a location for people to share templates they have developed. Thanks!

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Hi cleek, I don't know of anywhere that does this and I doubt that there's an official location. I think this would be a great idea, you should post this to the Ideas section of Connect!

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i have never encountered this and Symantec DLP is probably the most guarded solution within the Symantec realm when it comes to KB's, best practices, etc. Data Loss Prevention ;)

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I think it's good idea to share templates/rules/examples yes

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A nice idea, but keep in mind that some people won't be able to share what they have created due to "work product" and "intellectual property" ownership based on their company policy. There are ethical and legal issues even for Contractors to share what they have developed while being paid by a company. Most companies I know of have such policies in place. If you are going to share, make sure your employer allows it so you don't get yourself in any sticky situations.

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Completely agree. I'm sure that most people in this field have a thourough understanding of legal/ethical constraints and know what they can/cannot share.  My idea is to share broad ideas - i.e.; "for PII I did this"....simply generic terms.

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Guess I was confused, I must have misinterpreted your request for sharing broad ideas when I read "for people to share templates they have developed". Sorry for the confusion.

Sharing ideas is great and I hope lots of people participate.

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Hey I am wondering (kind of along these lines) how to upload a policy template from our Prod to Dev environments and vise versa. Do any of you know?

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Depending on what version of DLP you have, this capability is available (I believe with version 10.0 and up).  To export a policy complete the following:


  1. Log onto the host DLP Admin user interface, select Manage --> Policy List (navigation bar)
  2. Click on the name of the policy to export
  3. Once the policy loads, click the "Export this policy as a template" link (bottom left of policy window)
  4. Save the policy to prefered location (.xml)


  1. Exported policy XML file must be placed on the destination enforce server (copy/paste) within the templates folder:  ..\Vontu\Protect\config\templates
  2. Once policyname.xml file is placed, through the DLP Administration Interface select Manage --> Policy List --> Add Policy
  3. Select "Add a Policy from a template"
  4. Select the desired policy from the "Imported Templates" category (bottom of window)

This should allow you to do what you want to do.  Please let me know if I missed anything.



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Note that the 'Export this policy as a template' process does not export any Response Rules associated with the specific policy that you are exporting. If you look at the policyname.xml file in an editor, you will notice the Response Rules missing. Likewise, when you use the policyname.xml file to create a new policy you will notice the Response Rules missing.