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DMC is too big, and too slow.

Created: 09 Sep 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 5 comments

I installed Dell Management Console on a quad Xeon Dell 2850 server with 2 gigs ram and 15Krpm drives. This program is so unbelievably resource intensive. Even with zero managed clients or servers, it was already eating over 1 gig of ram, and the response time to commands on the web interface was about 5-10 seconds per click. Even the install took like 4+ hours to complete. Is this really necessary? Why is this program such a monster? I can get an Exchange server up and running in that time.
I run other managemant programs on my network, like ManageEngine's "OpManager", and it takes a fraction of the resources. Besides the direct hardware management like remote BIOS updates, it has much more functionality than DMC.

So I'm not trying to troll or just complain here. My point of this post is this. I have hundreds of Dell machines- workstations, servers, SAN's, KVM's, etc. It sounds like DMC is something I need. 
But from reading about DMC on Dell's website, I can't exactly figure out what DMC actually does. Can someone explain to me what is the benefit of using up a powerful server solely for DMC? Will it do something amazing for my Dell machines that I currently cannot do?

Thanks :)

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Sorry for the delay on this...

Dell management Console is built on the Altiris Notification Server Platform.  When NS 7 was first released it was not as responsive as NS 6 was.  There have been a lot of patches/updates since the inital release and a lot them were built around improving the speed.

Altiris Notification Server requires SQL Server 2005 either on box or off box.

Have you updated your DMC?

A lot of really powerful things can be accomplished with DMC.  Updating Dell specific patches, monitoring servers, responding to monitoring alerts automitcally, etc. 

Drop me a note if you have more questions or want a better demo

Jonathan Jesse Practice Principal ITS Partners

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(Service Pack 2) is not yet (but soon will be) compatible with the Dell Management Console. NS7 was pretty tough to use prior to the SP2 release.

Jim Harings
HP Enterprise Services
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Well I had the release I downloaded September 8th or around that date. Has DMC improved since then?

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The 1.02 release has been pushed back. However, you can install SP2 first, and then the Dell DMC console. It is NOT officially supported though. Also, the recommended minimum specs for the DMC is 4GB of RAM.

The features for a free product, outside of the time and hardware you throw in ;) , are fairly good, in my somewhat biased opinion. You get Dell inventory and monitoring, along with some built in reporting. You can also (as you mentioned) patch hardware\firmware drivers, BIOS levels, and collect SNMP traps on a whole host of issues.

You also can add other management components (from Symantec) at additonal costs, with the benefit of 'single console' approach. Whether or not you choosens to do that is up to you. I think the fairly intensive install process is there to allow to enable those features later on, in a quicker fashion.

Jim Harings
HP Enterprise Services
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DMC 1.0.2 will be released to download on Monday, Oct 19th.  It will leverage NS 7 SP2 and there are significant performance enhancements.

Please download it and run it through it's paces and let us know how it performs for you.

Thanks!  We appreciate your using DMC and want to here feedback!

Todd Rodgers
Senior Product Manager for DMC
Dell Inc.