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Created: 30 Aug 2013 • Updated: 25 Sep 2013 | 10 comments
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On solaris10 how I add a new LUN under dmp control?

-vsddladm assign name

is that correct?

tnx a lot,

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Usually, when the LUN is made available and accessible to the OS, DMP will be notified of this event by its Event Source Daemon and will enable the DMP devices for the LUN.

If detected, the LUN will show up in "vxdisk list"

Manual device discovery can be invoked with "vxdisk scandisks". Check out the man page for vxdisk (1M)



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Hi Tony,

Only a thing.
When a new disk is brought under dmp control,with vxdisk scandisks,it does not matter what is the filesystem on that could be vxfs,ufs,so on.right?

the non-vxfs disks will be seen with vxdisk list as offline.right?
tnx a lot,

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You have the file system on volumes, not on the disks,, so file system has no effect on vxdisk list output.

If the disk is controlled by 3rd party Volume Manager you will see this in the vxdisk output like in the example below (in the case it's LVM):

# vxdisk list

disk155   auto:LVM       -      -       LVM
disk156   auto:LVM       -      -       LVM
disk224   auto:cdsdisk   -      -       online
disk225   auto:cdsdisk   -      -       online
disk226   auto:cdsdisk   -      -       online
disk227   auto:cdsdisk   -      -       online
disk228   auto:cdsdisk   -      -       online
disk229   auto:cdsdisk   -      -       online

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This is a new question - please start a new topic rather than constantly adding "Only a thing" [sic]!!

As Daniel mentions, the filesystem residing on the volumes has no bearing on vxdisk list output

vxdisk list will show if a disk is initialised for use with vxvm ie: if it hasn't been initialised yet (online invalid), or if it is not under vxvm control (eg: used by third party product such as LVM, SVM, or ZFS)

In newer versions the third party disks will display per Daniel's output (eg: LVM, ZFS); be aware that in older versions it may show as auto:none and online invalid rather (ie: if you have an older version an auto:none online invalid disk may be in use by another product - so be careful before you initialise it)

Once the disk is under VxVM control and you create the volumes, any supported format filesystem can be created; to reiterate, this will not change the vxdisk list output.

Again, it would really help if you read the documentation to get a basic understanding of the product as it provides a fairly comprehensive explanation


VxVM 5.1SP (Solaris) Volume Manager Administrator's Guide:


or pdf:

see Chapter 3: Administering disks

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Hi Tonny,

Tnx a lot.
Please when I should use vxddladm assign names?

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vxddladm assign names is only required if you don't want to use the autogenerated names


If you need the basic steps to scan in disk, it would probably help to look at the Storage Foundation / Veritas Volume Manager Administrator's Guide for your version

eg: For 5.1SP1 Solaris, go to the Product Guides:

Select "Veritas Volume Manager Administrator's Guide" and look under the "Administering disks" section

If you're using a different platform/version combination, see the relevant section under

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I just want to find out if there is a limitation in the amount of disks and/or paths that the HPUX OS or the Veritas Volume Manager can support?


Colin De Bruin

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Theoretically there is no limit, but usually 2-4 paths are sufficient to provide HA on SAN and good performance. Anything above that won't give you much benefits, but increases the overhead in administration and the time intial discovery during boot time and rescan of devices.

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re: comment

....see also duplicate post here:

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