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DNS Alias Requirements?

Created: 10 Mar 2009 • Updated: 04 Jun 2010 | 4 comments
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Hello group,

I am preparing to install EV 8.0 at a client site.  The client is the US division of an international company.  While they are empowered to do much of the network administration, they are not permitted to add or modify DNS entries.  The parent company is refusing to create DNS aliases for the directory and SQL servers.  I've been asked to provide documentation stating the need for such entries.  While I can find a number of references to the DNS alias and know personally that it is best practice, I can't seem to locate a definitive document.  The aliases are crucial as the parent company will probably adopt EV at some point which will make integration easier.

Has anyone experienced this?  Does anyone know of any documents that I can provide the customer?

Thanks in advance.

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Check out page 40 of the "Installing and Configuring" pdf doc. Also...if you plan on using rpc/https for connectivity, check out the following article (near the bottom) about new installs for EV 8

Philip Nunn

Philip Nunn EV 11 CH2 on Windows 2012, Exchange 2013 CU6 DAG on Windows 2012, ESXi 5.5, Mircosoft TMG, NetApp/EqualLogic storage

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This is not only best practice but a pre requisite, USL and building blocks will not work without this (you can fake it with lmhosts - but this is not supported)

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This is not only best practice but a pre requisite, USL and building blocks will not work without this (you can fake it with lmhosts - but this is not supported)

Thanks Wayne.  I realize that using explicit names is going to make things difficult if not unsupported.  Do you happen to know of a document that shows the alias as a requirement?  The installation docs make reference to them extensively, but unlike the hardware or user account requirements, I can't find anything to support my request to the IT DNS administrator.

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Page 40: Creating Enterprise Vault DNS aliases

It is good practice to create a DNS alias for each Enterprise Vault server computer.
You are asked to enter the unqualified alias, for example evserver1, when you
run the Enterprise Vault Configuration wizard. When you configure Enterprise
Vault on the first computer in a site, Enterprise Vault automatically creates a
vault site alias using the DNS alias entered for that computer. The vault site alias
is used by the Enterprise Vault software to refer to the Enterprise Vault site.
The DNS alias must not contain special characters; as defined in RFC-1034, only
the following characters are permitted: [a-z], [A-Z], [0-9] hypen (-) and period (.).
The last character must not be either hypen (-) and period (.).
Using an unqualifiedDNSalias allows future flexibility if you change the computer
that is running the Enterprise Vault services.