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Do I need BESR 2010 server edition or desktop is fine?

Created: 05 Apr 2010 | 2 comments


I am currently using BESR 6.5 desktop edition to backup my small network, I need to upgrade to BESR 2010 (I have one W7 laptop)
I have one w2k3 server, of which I am currently creating image with BESR 6.5 desktop edition. Can I still create image of this server with BESR 2010 desktop or I need to purchase the server edition. All I do is create base recovery point once a week of the whole drive and then incremental recovery points rest of the days. I do the same with my 8 XP PCs.

Thank you

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BESR 2010 detects automatically the type of OS it is running on and installs the appropriate componentens. So you can still use the "desktop" edition.

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BESR 2010 Server Edition have two license keys,  one for a Server and one for a Desktop, so if you will purchase a Server Edition, though you need a license for a Desktop, it will still work, you just need to have the correct license key for activation.

But then again, I advise you to contact our Enterprise  Sales Team ( 1-800-745-6054 opt 3 ) so that they can provide you further information on what would be the best edition of BESR 2010 you may use.

Hope this will help..Ü

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