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Do I need EMC Replication Manager to do alternate-host Clariion snaps

Created: 03 Oct 2012 | 12 comments


I use Clariion/VNX disk arrays with Windows hosts. I need to take a snap of a LUN, mount that LUN on a alternate host, then back it up. Do I need EMC's Replication Manager to do the alternate host backups. What I do know is I need EMC's latest VSS provider (bundled with Solutions Enabler) to take the snaps, but I'm not sure how the alternate host backup works with Clariion snaps. Do I need EMC's Replication Manager to mount the snaps on the alternate host, if not, how does Netbackup handle this? The documentation doesn't explain this or maybe the Netbackup product was never intended to do the alternate client backups with Clariion snaps.


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If I understand right, EMC Replication Manager is the software needed to replicate data between arrays. It is not for snapshot and clone.

If you want to manage snapshot by NetBackup, see Snapshot Client compatibility list. I wonder why VNX is not listed here. It it better to ask Symantec and EMC about supported configuration.

For more detail abount requirements, please check Snapshot Client Administrator's Guide page 198.

If you manage snapshot by your own script without Snapshot Client, NetBackup does not mind what sort of snapshot implementation are used. It seems normal file backup on the client which snapshot volume is mounted on. In this case, ask EMC what you have to do.

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I don't want to use a script. Netbackup will handle launching the snap and mounting the snap on a alternate host? The documentaion says yes, but I'm not able to make this work. More details to follow.

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I have the problem more detailed. Netbackup doesn't show me a Snaphot Resource when the VSS Snapshot Method is selected. I can prove connectivity to the VNX disk array from the client and the alternate client, in this case, a media sever. I also entered the VNX credentials in Netbackup. Also, the client and alternate cilient both are running the same O.S. and the same version of netbackup,

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It is possible without Replication Manager. You need to install Clariion/VNX VSS provider and Navisphere Agent/CLI and configure them so you can take snaps via the HW provider

From NBU side you need Enterprise Client license enabled on the master server, 

Once you enabled it, in your policy you can click on "Perform snapshot backups" and further "Perform off-host backup" and choose other client or NBU Media Server to move data.

After that in the same policy configuration window, choose Advanced Snapshot Options and choose "VSS_Transportable" there

There are two Windows Registry settings that are available for the NetBackup Advanced Client.
The first entry can be found at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\VERITAS\NetBackup\
Within this, find the entry for EMC CLARiiON VSS Provider. This entry should be changed to
reflect the version of the EMC CLARiiON VSS Provider that you installed (as outlined in Section
CLARiiON VSS Provider). Change the value of the Version Attribute to match the CLARiiON VSS
provider you installed.
This value needs to be set on both the NetBackup client that Exchange Server is running on
as well as the off-host client.
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I don't have the "Advanced Snapshot Options" button, only "Options". Within that, I don't have the "VSS_Transportable" option, only VSS. 

I'm not using Exchange Server.

The document I'm reading says nothing about adjusting a Windows registry entry. Maybe I have the wrong one. Please point me to the correct doc.


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I opened a case but I'm further along here. In case you need.

Case 420-133-093

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The registry entry you speak of doesn't exist at all, on the client nor the alternate host.

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Is it actually related to NBU ?

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Please ask to EMC if you are to configure VSS snapshot.

NetBackup 7.5 Snapshot Client Administrator's Guide page 199

Symantec support for VSS Snapshot and EMC CLARiiON
Symantec has an open support policy for VSS Snapshot for NetBackup Snapshot
Client. If a vendor supports a VSS provider for a Windows platform, Symantec
provides support for local snapshot, alternate client, FlashBackup local snapshot,
and FlashBackup alternate client methods. To use a CLARiiON disk array with
VSS, contact EMC Corporation for the required software and versions
supplies this software as a bundle, to ensure that the software components are at
the right level and function correctly.

Or try to configure using CLARiiON method following the procedure in admin guide.

Authorized Symantec Consultant(ASC) Data Protection in Tokyo, Japan

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If you don't have a choice of VSS_Transportable in the drop-down box then you can't do off-host backups and this in itself indicates that real issue is with Clariion VSS provider, probably it is not installed or incorrectly configured.

This has nothing to do with Exchange, it's a common snapshot infrastructure in Windows Server

Did you check whether Enterprise Client license is installed?

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And how did you do that?

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