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Do I need to partition my autoloader?

Created: 26 Jan 2005 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 4 comments

I am using BE 9.1. I have a Sony TSL-11000 4MM DDS4 autoloader with a single drive in it. The cartridge will accept the following setups.

8 tapes filling all 8 slots
7 tapes filling 1-7
1 tape in slot 8
7 tapes in 1-7 and a cleaning tape in slot 8
1 cleaning tape in slot 8

I have two backup sets:

Full Backup Set:
- Full Tape 1
- Full Tape 2
- Full Tape 3
- Full Tape 4

Differential Backup Set:
- Monday
- Tuesday
- Wednesday
- Thursday

When I do my full backup and load up the magazine with 7 tapes (Full Backup Set and MTW from Differential) the full backup goes fine. If I forget to unload the autoloader on Monday morning my daily differentials will also start using Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. However, if I empty the autoloader as I should and just use the single slot 8 (!! not marked as Cleaning Slot !!) the differential will stay in Queued status without any indication of why.

I have tried deleting and recreating the job. I have made sure the media was enabled and I have even delete the autoloader and drives and restarted the server and recreated the jobs again. Nothing is paused but still my differential jobs sit in Queued state.

As a stab in the dark I partitioned the slots in autoloader so that the first 7 slots were on one partition and slot 8 was on the other. At that time I still had a differential job in Queue and just one tape in slot 8. All of a sudded the job came out of queue and appears to have run successfully. Is this just a co-incedence or do I need to partition the autoloader?

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Are the backup jobs set to pick what slot you want them to use? This setting is under the property tab on the job setup of each job. Using Device and media, and picking the device used to backup set job.

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Prior to the problem they were not. I only have the one 8 slot autoloader with the one drive in it. Prior to the problem I always left the default "All Drives" for all the backup routines.

I know that when I change the tapes in the autoloader the backup routine would not know that the tapes were changed and go to whatever slot it expected to see a certain tape and just get suprised so prior to each backup routine I have the autoloader do an Inventory.

Still, even after doing an inventory of the autoloader, the backup would still hang on Queued even though it knew there was a tape in the single slot.

One thing I did notice is that when I had the one tape in the slot 8 position and did a full inventory of the slots, the remaining 7 slots still showed the removed media names instead of "Empty". Do you think that is the problem.

Come to think of it, that must be it. If BackupExec thinks that there are tapes in slot 5,6, and 7 it may be trying to get the tape from one of those three instead of just moving on to Slot 8 to see what is there.

I just my question now is how to I get BackupExec to see that there are no tapes in slots 1-8 when it does a full inventory? It sees the changed tape in slot 8 fine.

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When you inventory the autoloader, the slots show the older names and not as empty.This is causing the differential backups to go in queued state.

-We suggest you to install Backup exec service pack 1 (If in case not installed)

-Also make sure that you have installed the latest Veritas drivers,

Now follow the steps given below,

-Insert the tapes in all the slots of the autoloader.

-Perform an inventory and check that the media label / Names are appearing properly .

-After that remove the tapes from first 7 slots and restart the backup exec services.

-Now perform the inventory once again.

-Now the slots 1-7 should show as empty.

-If it shows as empty then run the Differential job and check the results.

-If the slots dont show as empty then probably there is some issue with communication of backup exec database with the Tape device.

In such case, Repair the database and check if the issue gets resolved.

Hope this helps in resolving your issue.

If it does not, then Kindly revert back with necessary information.

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We presume that the step mentioned above has solved your problem. Let us know if the problem still exists and revert back with the error message.