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Do we need a PBX port opened/PBX service running on a NBU 7.1 client for backups to run ?

Created: 20 Mar 2013 • Updated: 20 Apr 2013 | 2 comments
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suppose is some service needs PBX port and which is more important than backup then how can we ensure that that service will gets the port before NBU binds it ?


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yes, netbackup first try to communicate with PBX port to the client, and it not able to communicate with PBX, it uses bpcd and vnetd.

by defualt PBX port is the one that requires.

see the below note form T/N

The bpcd and vnetd processes now run standalone.  They and the other legacy processes now register with PBX at startup.  Connections to legacy processes that previously contacted the vnetd port will now prefer to use PBX port 1556.  If the PBX port is unreachable, then the vnetd port will be used.  If the vnetd port is unreachable, then the daemon port will be used.  Opening TCP port 1556 outbound from NetBackup servers to NetBackup clients will prevent delays that occur while attempting to use PBX.  Similarly, opening TCP port 1556 inbound will prevent delays for client-initiated requests to the master server.

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NBU tries PBX first, if that fails, it will try vnetd.

So, vnetd will still work (for now), but NBU is moving towards single-port comms.

See, scroll down to NetBackup 7.0.1 Considerations.

Symantec has officially registered port 1556 for PBX.

Any other application using that should be changed - regardless of perceived importance.

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