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Do we really need that announcement on EVERY page?

Created: 02 Jul 2013 | 4 comments
CRZ's picture

How many times do I have to hit "X" before I stop seeing your announcement (which really has nothing to do with me and is totally unwelcome)?

Every group?  Every product?  Every forum?  Every blog?  Every page?

Was this tested?

I am testy!

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Kevin's picture

Hi CRZ, what browser are you using?

I only had to click the X once and the announcement was gone ... for good.


g_lee's picture

fyi: using firefox 22.0 seems to display the announcement every time I go to a different category

eg: going to "Inside Symantec" displays the announcement

subsequently going to Inside Symantec -> Forums (or one of the sub-forums) displays again; after clicking on an individual post within that category it goes away

Storage and Clustering -> Forums - announcement has gone after viewing a post; however it still displays for different categories (Articles, Blogs, etc)

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CraigV's picture

I'm using Mozilla the message, hit the "X" and it hasn't come up again.


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Chrome blocks any pop ups automatically and is the best browser for using Symantic website.