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Documentation needed to customize templates and policies

Created: 26 Oct 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 3 comments


I'm an ESM beginner and I quickly found how to make it work and how to use it. But now I'd like to customize it by creating customized templates and policies (for Windows, AIX and/or Solaris checks).

Symantec documentation only says :
  - double-click the template to open the Template Editor,
  - specify row information, including any sublist information that is needed,
  - click Save and then click Close.

Unfortunately, no documentation to explain "row information, including any sublist information that is needed". So, I can't succeed in creating a simple template that verify if a file exists (with Green report if it does, and Red report if not).

So, I don't specifically need a solution for that example, but I need documentation on modules, templates, checks, or (better) course support.

Thanks for your answers.

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Rupali Korde's picture

The information which you have send is under the section
'Editing the template rows' (Add a row)

Please check the following sections:
1.  Editing a template
2.  Editing the Sublist in a template

I will recommend you to go through the entire documentation of 'About managing templates'

And let me know if this doesnt solve your purpose.


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Of course, I started by reading carefully ESM 9.0 User Guide, including 'About managing templates' section.

But it doesn't explain why/how to complete columns in Template Editor or Template Sublist Editor...

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Try the following link
You can download the following help file that is published: Checks and Template Reference

This file has more comprehensive details on template creations in chm format. Refer section 'Symantec Enterprise Security Manager Templates'
Let me know if this helps!

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