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Does database agents help reduce the size as compared to flat files.

Created: 05 Nov 2012 | 3 comments

Hi Techs,

  Mostly I find my master and media server backs up servers as flat file systems be it files or data bases. Could it be the possible reason for huge data we are backing up. What I am trying to look is that does database agents help in reducing the backed up data as compared to flat files, be it lotus notes or anything?

Please help me out in this.



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it depends on type of agent and backup method. For example, Oracle stream backup takes only blocks in files allocated to data.
I have never compared size of lotus domino database files and backup, but I guess backup size will be same with flat files because in lotus backup, bpbkar process work on clients. this is same with flat file backup.

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What you save is the disk space to hold the flat files from the database. As long databases are small it not a issues. But are databases multi terabytes there is a considerable cost in having X amount of disk space reserved to hold database. Usually it also easier to multi stream database by using database agent compared to flat file system (even thru it's possible to multi stream those as well).

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What I have found is as follows ... and lets take SQL as an example ...

Your SQL Administrator uses the SQLMaintenance to backup (dump) the SQL databases and logs to the file system ready for you to back up.

They will normally like to keep a few days of backups available for them to restore from if needed.

So if you have a 5GB SQL database that itself is taking up 5GB of disk space on the SQL Server. Its backups, over say 3 days, also then take up 15GB of disk space (assuming one full backup per day)

So now that SQL database is actually using 20GB of disk space intotal on that servers.

In this case it doesn't take many decent size databases to be handled like this before you are using a large amount of disk space on the servers.

When using the SQL agent there is no need for maintenance and dumps as it streams the backups directly to NetBackup - so a 5GB SQL database only ever tales up 5GB of disk space on the SQL Server

Hope this helps

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