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Does EV archive/reject multiple journal messages with same MessageID?

Created: 01 May 2013 • Updated: 01 May 2013 | 6 comments
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This was partially answered in some of the other posts, but it isn't very clear to me.  I get confused about duplicate archiving and SIS.  Getting to the question, does the second message to the same Journal mailbox with the exact same MessageID that was archived earlier (i.e., same message metadata/header/content etc.,) get archived or rejected by EV saying that it already archived this message?

We are on EV 10.0.1.


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In general terms items are hashed ... and if the hash is the same, then the items are the same... and they are SISed depending on the sharing settings on the vault store.

For the journal archive there is an added mechanism which relates to waiting for additional journal reports before a journaled item is processed. Take look for 'journaldelay' - a registry key - which explains this a bit more.

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The item will be archived and an index entry will be created, so essentially it's a duplicate

Large parts of the message like the attachment will be sis'd

If this happens in the same journal mailbox, the journal reports should be combined and only one item gets archived

However if it's two different journal mailboxes then two different items will be archived

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Thanks.  I did not realize that there may be other possible scenarios to my question and it is certainly good to be aware of these.

Let me elaborate more on my specific case:

- Email 2KB (not subject to SIS) sent to Journal mailbox A on Date1 and got archived in EV

- Same email (with same MessageID, although unsure if it is going to result in same hash as I am unsure on what attributes the hash is computed on) sent to Journal Mailbox A on Date 2.

Assuming it resulted in the same hash, does the second mail get archived in EV or rejected?

The context here is that we are working on migrating EmailXtender to EV and due to an issue with the migration software, we need to remigrate some of the items that were already migrated and archived in EV back into EV and trying to figure out how EV would behave.

If you can let me know the attributes the hash gets computed, I will really appreciate it.


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So you will have duplicates, there's no way around that

However there is a duplicate cleaner for EV you can run after the fact