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does the Hard Drive size impact the size of the Ghost image?

Created: 11 Feb 2013 | 1 comment

we're about to purchase a batch of new pcs and have to create a new image for them accordingly

just wondering whether the hard drive size makes a difference to the ghost image?  or whether it's based solely on consumed space rather than total size of the drive

e.g. for this reason, should we limit the purchase of new pcs with smaller drives eg 300gb vs similarly spec'd pcs with 1TB.  i cant imagine anyone at 'work' would use more than 300gb on a local pc drive anyway.

thoughts? comment?

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It depends on whether you are taking a "partition" or a "disk" image. 

A partition image records just the used part of the hard disk, and compresses it to the degree you choose (see documentation for more information on command line options).

A disk image is just that - it is a record of every sector on the disk, regardless of whether it contains any valid information or not.

Consequently, partition image size is directly related to the amount of disk space used on the partition, whereas disk image size is directly related to the size of the hard disk.

I would never recommend buying machines with smaller hard disks.....

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