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Does Master server need to see all tape drives to make backup work?

Created: 18 Sep 2013 • Updated: 04 Oct 2013 | 13 comments
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I have a Master server with robot directly connect to tape library. I have seperate media servers ( using this Master server ) directly connect to the tape drives in the same library. Do I have to have the Master see the tape drives to make the backup work? Thanks!

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No, as long as the master server is the robot control host, then the master server will send requests for mounting/unmounting tapes into the drives. You do not have to configure the drives on the master server.

So you can just have the media server/s with the drives configured in this case.

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Thanks for your reply. Here I don't mean to configure the drives. I mean do the Master server need to "see" /detect the drives. If the Master server didn't even "see" the drives, how does it send the request to let the media server know which drive to use? I am just wondering....

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All drives are held in the Master servers database. When a policy fires, it knows which storage unit to use and from that knows which drives to use, it then allocates the drives in the database (if they are not already in-use). nbjm (job manager) on the master server then communicates to the media server and utilizes the drives.

The Master server does not need to have the drives zoned or SCSI connected to itself for the media servers to be able to use them (as long as the media server has them connected and configured correctly)

Hope that helps

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A master server does not need to see any devices.

A media server server can be robot control host and drives connected to various media servers.

We have customers who chose to have dedicated master servers with no devices whatsoever - just holding configuration, catalogs and performing management function.

I personally feel it's a good idea if master has access to devices so that it can do local backup of catalogs.

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Thanks for the confirmation.

So you mean when you configure a new  Media server the database located on Master server will be automatically updated with the new drive information.

I will configure it and let you know the results.

Thanks a lot to both of you!

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That is correct, once you configure the drives on the media server, it sends the drive info to the master and is updated in the master servers database.

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If you wanted the Master to be the robot control host it would have to see at least one of the drives in the robot, otherwise its device manager services would not run

But as the others have pointed out you can put it all in control of any of your media servers to make life easier if you Master does not actually have physical access to the drives

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I configured the media server but all my drives show " Control' is VAR. The Master server device configuration shows those drives are standalone drives. How can I make them shared drives ( I have SSO license key). Do I still have to run cable from Master server to the tape drives? I thought the robot ( which is controlled by Master server) should detect ( scan ) the drives and cells and the Master server knows from media server to use which drive.

Drv Type   Control  User      Label  RecMID  ExtMID  Ready   Wr.Enbl.  ReqId
  0 hcart2   AVR                -                     No       -         0 
  1 hcart2   AVR                -                     No       -         0 
  2 hcart2   AVR                -                     No       -         0 
  3 hcart2   AVR                -                     No       -         0 
                             ADDITIONAL DRIVE STATUS

Drv DriveName            Shared    Assigned        Comment                  
  0 Drive025              No       -                                        
  1 Drive026              No       -                                        
  2 Drive027              No       -                                        
  3 Drive028              No       -                                        

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Drives in AVR means ur robot is not able to connect to the drive.

try recycling  the media server services that controls it.

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When you run the device wizard, you have to select the media server with the drives, and, at the same time, select the robot control host. If you only select the media server the drives will, for 100% certain, show AVR mode.

Selecting them both at the same time allows the wizard to work out that the drives are in the robot the the master is connected to. There is absolutely no need for the master to see the drives.

So, go back to the wizard, select the master server, select the media server and then run through the rest of the wizard.

Regards,  Martin
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mph999, Thank you very much for all your help!! It's better and clear than Symnatec Technical support. It resolved my problem. As you mentioned above, I need to select both Robot control Master server and media server the same time when I build the storage device.

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or you can configure robot master server first and configure media server.

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Super, I am pleased you resolved the issue and that we were able to help ..

Regards,  Martin
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