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Does something throttle auto upgrades?

Created: 10 Dec 2012 • Updated: 10 Dec 2012 | 7 comments

We took 4 servers and sent the auto upgrade command.  They development ones and they're not doing anything right now.

Three of them did the auto upgrade right away.  The fourth is doing something but hasn't brougth the restart box up yet.

We set all of them to do the update with 0 days wait. 

Our network can handle having them download at the same time.  That's not an issue.

Is there something on Symantec, in the auto upgrade feature, that would make some of them wait?  I noticed it with user machines but just waited and the others finally did their auto upgrade after a couple hours -- while many did the auto upgrade immediately.

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What is your heartbeat set to? Once they check in, they will get the new command to know they need to be upgraded.

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It should be the default five minutes.  I'll double check....

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Hmm... Every two minutes for that one.

I wonder if it's something with the delayed restart option.  I see that's set for 3 hours and then there's a +/- 2 hour random delay with that too. 

Usually they just ask for a restart after they do the auto upgrade.  We're waiting on this one.

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That delayed restart thing is setting the time the user has to delay a restart from their end.  So that's not it....

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Weird....  No pop up box like the others, but when we clicked on the lower right icon and brought up the client SEP page, on that page it says in orange 'restart required.'  We may have been sitting around waiting for nothing, or it may have been the stand alone exe that got the orange restart message displayed.

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hmm I've seen some delay during auto upgrades, seems similar with your case..

not sure what is causing it... my wild guess would be the 'randomization' factor

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We never figured it out.  We ended up making standalone exe's to update and used that.  Force it to update right away that way.  I had a few desktops do that too.  And some desktops I couldn't wait on, so I used an exe.