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Does tape unload between job?

Created: 04 Jul 2012 | 2 comments
Andre Ruas's picture
I´m a BE TSA, got a quiestion, please answer:
NOTE: Using an Autoloader
After Each job finishes it rewinds the tape and places the tape again to the same or diferent slot as before.
The next Job starts, it imports 1 Tape and Appends to it.
This usually take up to 15 min everytime the next job runs, depends
BEFORE when I could select all my SQL Instances in the SAME JOB it didn´t ejected the tape each time it swiched from one SQL instance to another and rewinded the tape and then appended to ti.
His jobs used finished in 5-7 hours.
Now it´s taking up to 12 hours to BACKUP The same SQL Instances on a 1 job per server way.
NOTE: You´ve stated that This script will start Job2 and then immediately start Job3 because it does not wait for Job2 to finish.  This also means that there would be no job history for Job2 in the job results file

Does it rewind the tape, eject it and append to it if the jobs are CHAINNED? or it continues using the same tape up to that point?

or is the same are individual jobs, between each job they lose about 15 min. everytime a new job starts?

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pkh's picture

Chaining jobs does not have any effect on the behaviour of the tape in a tape library.  The tape will still unload between jobs.

If you chain the jobs and choose not to wait for them to complete before running the next job, then there will be no job history for that job in the results file.  However, you can easily get the job history by running the BEMCLI cmdlet, Get-BEJobHistory after all the jobs are done.

P.S. Do not use caps or big fonts in your posts.  This implies you are shouting and is rude.

Larry Fine's picture

If you are not using SSO, tapes are held in the tape drive for 60 seconds (by default) before being moved aftger the job completes from the drive back to their slot.  If another job comes along within the 60 seconds, the tape stays mounted.  If not, the tape gets dismounted.  This 60 second timer can be changed in BEutility or the registry.  Increasing it to 120 or 180 seconds may keep the tape mounted long enough for your next job to start and prevent the dismount/remount slowness.

If you are using SSO, the tape gets moved from the drive to the slot immediately after the job finishes to ensure that other jobs & servers have a fair chance at the shared resources.

If your autoloader is taking 15 minutes to change tapes, you may wish to investigate.  Most autoloaders can change tapes in 3-5 minutes.

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