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Doesnt detect the full slots

Created: 14 May 2009 • Updated: 23 May 2010 | 5 comments

I have a robotic library, DELL PV124T. It has two magazines (left, right) each has 8 slots and total 16. My problem is, In the Device properties under robotic libraries, i can only see 8 slots. In the web interface of PV124T I can see all the 16 slots and move tapes all over the slots. In BE, i can only use the right magazine (which has the 9-16 slots in real) showed as 1-8 slots.

What should i do to get my all slots working? The drivers are provided by Symantec. The version of BE is 11D Windows Server 2003

Kindly help


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I also had a similar problems with Tandberg T40 Storage Library. That is because you use Symantec tape drivers, try with those provided by the vendor and this would fix it.

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I'm not familiar with your specific library, but go into setup for it and verify that both magazines are enabled.  Veritas vs Mfg drivers should not make any difference

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BE should automatically see all the slots that the library offers.  You can try disabling and deleting the robot and drives from BE, then restarting services if Kens suggestion doesn't fix it (but I think Ken is right).

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 We had an issue similar to this before and it was caused by using a tape library off of a RAID controller because the RAID controller couldn't handle more than one ID (either SCSI or SAS) per LUN (such as a drive consumes one LUN and the tape changer consumes another LUN).  Could it be possible that the tape library is seeing each magazine as a LUN?

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Thanks to all..
I appreciate all of your replies. I did try all the suggestion but didnt turn to luck. Finally i could format this Server and started the installation freshly and worked like a charm. Now all the 16 slots are visible. I believe may be the driver corrupted or something related to it.

Thanks again