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Created: 28 Jun 2012 | 1 comment


I have a question that I hope there is a quick answer for!!...

We are currently migrating away from a large shared corporate domain into a business unit specific new domain. This obviously includes migrating all servers across including the SEP/SEE management server. There is still crossover between the domains and there is connectivity between the two. Currently most of our laptop estate has been migrated to the new domain and do still talk back to the SEE management server. My question is will this still happen once the management server is moved across, or will all machines need to be decrypted/uninstalled then reinstalled/encrypted using new msi's created once the server has migrated? I seem to remember somewhere in the creation of the framework msi that there was a setting for communication that included the domain name?

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...on how SEE was originally configured in the Framework Clients you pushed out, and if you get-to/want-to keep the same OTP keys as the old domain.

All in all though, you should be able to do the move without a decrypt/reencrypt of your clients.

You'll need to generate and push a new PC package if the SEE Management Server changes and the exisitng clients need to be told the new name.  And you'll need to generate a OTP Key Changer package if you need to make a new SEEMSDb, but neither requires a decrypt to apply.

Do you know if you'll be keeping the same communications settings? (i.e. servername, check-in account, etc).  Might also be worth checking if the original package used a fqdn or just the servername too.  If the later, your migrated clients should still be able to resolve the SEE Management Server's new IP on the new domain,