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Domain Name Change - Redirect Resource Selections

Created: 17 Sep 2012 • Updated: 05 Oct 2012 | 4 comments
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We moved from a 2000 AD to a 2008 R2 AD DS. My backup jobs won't run because they point to computer_name.old_domain. Do I have to recreate every job or is there a way to redirect the jobs to computer_name.new_domain?

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No ,there is no way by  which backup exec will be able to add the new name dynamicaly in the selection list to update so In this case you can edit the job to use the new domain so that your other setting in the jobs are not impacted



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Thanks Sameer. I understand, but it's a bummer since the console sees the old and new machine names:





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Please do few things

1 If you are mentioning about your backup job are still displaying the old entry please open the job properties and go to selection & click on selection details & delete the entry from there to remove all server & select your new server back

2 Also if you are seeing the old server under Favourite resources then please right click on them to remove it from there too

Hope that helps


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Hey Fatboy1271,

Ok, so Sameer gave you the advice on how to do this and that is certainly the easiest thing to do.  Not so much as create new jobs, but re-add the selections.

We just went through a domain change and I found that the backups have died too.  Certainly what Sameer suggests is the preferred method, but it is not the only method.  It comes down to how comfortable you are working with databases.

First, you want to backup your database before any alterations!

Once the backup is done, you can go into a few tables to make the changes, but I have found one table to be the culprit...  Inside the BEDB, you can go into the BackupScriptEntries table.  The two columns to work with are "DeviceSelectionName" and "Network" that will have your server names.  You will just need to change the domain on them and the Resources should change too.  However the name shows in a few other tables too, but this is the one that made the difference for me.

Now if you want to find all the entries of the server in the database, then you can use the stored procedure found at the following link:

By running this stored procedure, it will be able to show you all the tables with your server names in it and the column names.

Wish some software companies would have some information on their databases... It makes it easier than hacking around in the database looking for the right values...

Good luck bro!