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Domain in Sender Allow still being blocked...reasons?

Created: 17 Feb 2009 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 6 comments



We have a field office in South Sudan that appears to be blocked by SHMS. I've added the domain to the Sender Allow list, but it is still blocked. They are not sending attachments, so that shouldn't be blocking them. What other factors can block an e-mail even if the domain is in the Sender Allow list? This person is able to send to a account successfully.


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Hello Richard,


Do you have anything in your block list that could be blocking the email? So something that blocks that domain or something along those lines? You can't have the user in both the blocked and allowed list, I believe it will block it if I am correct.


Sorry for the belated response.



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Hi Tom,


No, my block list is very short and that domain is not in there. So, if they aren't sending me attachments, and they are in the Allow Senders list, is there anything else in SHMS that could be blocking them?



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Yeah, you might want to call in on this one. We can take a look directly at your configuration and potentially track down exactly what we did with the message.


If you come armed with the To: From: Date: and Subject: it will greatly help support track what is happening with the message. Since it sounds like you can replicate the issue fairly easily it should be pretty easy to track down.

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i am facing the same problem as Richard. I have put '' as one of the domain in Sender Allow list. However, some emails from still get quarantine as spam.

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I would suggest that you also call in. With this type of issue we have the ability to directly look at your configuration and if needed contact the engineers who can review what was sent to you and find out exactly what happened.

Sorry I don't have a quick answer.

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"What other factors can block an e-mail even if the domain is in the Sender Allow list?"

The block list
The blacklist
The filters

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