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<Domain\User> ignored because personality is disabled. ?

Created: 10 Nov 2011 | 3 comments

Hi there,

I'm working for an IT unit in a Hospital and just started a Pilot Phase of Application Streaming within our IT environment.
Currently there is only one application available for streaming for around 120 users.
Everything is working fine except one user is facing problem with Personality, PersonalityMigration::onLogon ..<Domain\User> ignored because personality is disabled.

Does someone know this "problem" or has an idea how to fix?

The provisioning is done during an Active Directoy Group.
Package is enabled for offline use on Laptops and pre-cache Icon and File Associations.

Client System:

Laptop, Windows XP SP3, SWV SP7 MP1
-Virtualization Agent v. 6.4.1346
-Streaming Agent v.

If I missed something or more infos are needed please let me know.

Thanks for help


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What is the actual problem that this user experiencing?  The log message for PersonalityMigration is harmless and is just indicating that a certain SWS feature isn't currently enabled.  This feature isn't normally enabled so you would see this same message for all of your other users that aren't apparently encountering a problem.

The message is still logged since it helps us (Symantec support or development) know when a user logs on or off a system which is useful in post-mortem debugging or backtracking.

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Ok. Thanks for your replay and sorry I forgot to post the real problem..

The problem is that the user won't get the pre-populated Icon to start streaming the application.
He has the problem on every computer where the Streaming Agent is installed.
If another user logs in everything works fine, the Icon is there and streaming works.

Should I go meet with the LDAP Admin to check his User Account?
Is there something special to know about external User source?

So what I understand was that SWS environment is only checking if the username is existing in the external user source.

Is there something special to look for in the logs ?

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Is your FrontEnd server (LaunchServer) configured with NTLM?  Looks like the logged in user is not provisioned to the application.  If you have provisioned at group level, check whether to the user is part of that group?

If your Launchserver is configured in NTLM Mode, login to the client machine as that user and open the portal to see whether applications was visible.

You can validate the user provision by running following command

C:\program files\symantec\workspace streaming\bin> Appmgrcmd -QP.  This command should return all the list of application provisioned to the logged in user