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DO_NOT_REMOVE_NtFrs_PreInstall_Directory exclusion?

Created: 25 Oct 2005 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 2 comments

1 host - veritas 9.0sp1
1 node - veritas node 9.0 sp1
windows 2003 server sp1 (both)

I've currently setup Veritas on a host and a node. Both backup just fine when using a tape drive. However, I have setup a 2nd job that uses the maxtor OTII external hard drives which I'd like to swap one out each day; there's two of them. However, it never seems to complete the process when using the external hard drives. I get a job failure with the following error messages:

Directory or file was not found, or could not be accessed:


server2 is the node, and is our domain.

I also get exceptions:

Unable to open the item C:\windows\system32\dhcp.tmp.edb - skipped.
Unable to open the item C:\windows\system32\wins\winstmp.mdb - skipped.

I don't get this error when using a regular tape.

Also, everytime I swap out the external hard drives, by shutting them off, then swap, then turning the switch back on, the Veritas software reports the device is paused or offline after a while, even when it isn't running, and it's only scheduled.Message was edited by:
Dennis Chow

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It appears: DO_NOT_REMOVE_NtFrs_PreInstall_Directory

is the one giving my job failure instances, I know it doesn't jeporadize the intergrity of the backup, but I am very annoyed by it. How do I tell BE to not try to access it?