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don't show installed remote agent in a media server

Created: 08 Mar 2014 | 10 comments's picture

Using backup exec 2010 R2, install a remote agent from backup media server and install successfully.

Also checking in that remote server get agent setup is ok. from symatec backup software>tools>intall agents and media servers on other servers>... shows that agent setup is ok.

but when i am going for backup a new job then dont get that agent. also check in domains but failed.

network scenario>

media server: in a domain

remote agent: in a workgroup

remote agent is a very far away from that media server like in different country but communication is ok because as a same network.

local workgroup computer is shown in that media server but that remote agent computer in workgroup dont show under that workgroup.

Please help me how to find that remote agent computer in my media server.

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In the user-defined section of the selection screen, try adding the remote server to the media server using its IP address.'s picture

adding that machine but shows like a normal computer , don't show as remote agent.

don't get my desired microsoft sql server on that remote . . .

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Did you install the SQL agent license on the media server?'s picture

obviously, actually remote agent shows some icon that means it has backup exec remote agent but that remote don't any remote agent sign just like a normal computer.

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On the remote server run the remote agent utility and check that it is publishing correctly to the media server. Also make sure you can t telnet to and from the media server and the remote server using port 10000

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Make sure "Backup Exec remote agent" Service is in running state on remote server.

Also make sure on remote server beutility is publishing to media server with IP address as well as computer name.

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Why are you repeating what I have said earlier?

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My comment is little easy and very clear to understand bro...

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If your remote server is in a workgroup, open up the "hosts" file and put an entry into the file with the remote server's name and IP address.

Then remove it from BE and re-add it.

...just as an aside to this, but BE 2010 R3, when released, fixed a number of issues with the previous 2 versions so it is probably worthwhile upgrading to R3 with the latest SP and then push-install these to your remote servers. The ISO is on the link below:

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Once you download it, stop the BE services and grab copies of the Data/Catalogs folders and then run the upgrade. 

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