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Doubt: Customer-specific Spam SMG 10

Created: 27 May 2013 | 4 comments

Hi guys,

In the last weekend I enabled feature Customer-specific Spam in my enviroment. And saw that now we have buttom Submit Messages, ok. So now I have a doubt:

When I submit message for analysys I saw that is created body hashes for my submition, well. This body hashes are GLOBAL or only for my enviroment?

Best regards!

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Please review our document regarding customer-specific spam submissions:

Here are the revelant parts for your query:

When you configure this feature, administrators and end users can submit email messages to Symantec as missed spam or false positives. Within minutes, Symantec creates a custom ruleset. The conduit obtains the ruleset, which is then applied to each configured Scanner.

Symantec considers all messages that are submitted as Spam or NOT Spam for global rules regardless of whether the customer-specific spam submission feature is enabled.

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Perfect JDavis,

Thanks for help me.

Let me ask another:

When I enabled the feature. I enabled "Customer-specific Spam: Quarantine message"for default group (everyone) too.

So, please! Tell me what represent this rule. What threat type of message inbound could be set in this rule?

I ask because in my reports is no there any message of this type, please see picture attached.

Best regards!

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The chart simply means that no incoming emails have been caught by your customer-specific spam rules.

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Before Customer-Specifc Spam I used the BlackList to prevent inbound threat messages. "Now with feature, Symantec creates a custom ruleset".

1. Is it necessary BlackList?

2. Or the rules created by Symantec protect me against False Negatives?

Thanks a lot!