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Doubts about upgrade

Created: 22 Oct 2013 • Updated: 28 Oct 2013 | 5 comments
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Hello dudes, my name is João Ernesto and I have some questions about BE migration.

We have a big estruture of backup in my enterprise. We use a CASO and 3 Midia Server with Backup Exec 2010 R3. Now I need upgrade to Backup Exec 2012.

1) I will need upgrade the remote agents for windows in my server farm? I'l need restart the SO?

2) What is the best practice, upgrade my server with LiveUpdate or  build another server with BE 2012 and import the DB of BE 2010?

3) I have policies, backup slection list and jobs. When i upgrade to BE 2012 I have to rethink my backup strategy or BE will update it to the new interface?

Thanks for all

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Before upgrading the production environment, install the backup Exec 2012 on test environment and check the functionality. There are some changes done in 2012 like

- No more policy based jobs
- Server Centric Jobs
- As you said, new interface.

Following are the answers to your questions:

1) Yes. You have to restart the Server after upgrading the remote Agents to the latest version.

2) Update the Backup Exec 2010 with all the latest updates. Stop the Services, take the backup of Data and Catalogs folder. Start the upgrade process.

3) In Backup Exec 2012, there is no policy based jobs and also it is server centric.


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Okay Dharmarp, but, I can use the Remote Agent for Windows of the BE 2010 with the Backup Exec 2012 server? I need that because I have certain servers that run in 24/7. This is no a solution, is temporary to schedule reboots.

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check the article below written by another TA, pkh. It's going to give you some more insight into BE 2012:

Also check out the Articles section, and filter by pkh's name...there are some very good articles where he's explained some of things that BE 2012 does differently compared to previous versions.

You can also refer to the links below:


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Adding to CraigV, you can refer to following articles for reference..

What's different in Backup Exec 2012
Backup Exec 2012 Upgrade Guide.


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In a CASO environment, make sure you upgrade the CAS before you upgrade the MMS.