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Doubts on VxVM,VCS Upgrade & root disk encapsulation

Created: 13 Jun 2014

Hi All,

I have the below queries please

1) In order to stop VxVM to load at system boot time, we need to modify /etc/system file.

   What entries are to be commented out ?

   Is it only

set vxio:vol_rootdev_is_volume=1

   (OR) also below entries are to be commented out ?

forceload: drv/vxdmp
forceload: drv/vxio
forceload: drv/vxspec

2) My current version of SFHA is 4.1. Once vxfen, gab & llt modules are unloaded to upgrade to 4.1MP2, should i again unload these modules
    to further upgrade to 5.1SP1 and again to 5.1SP1RP4 (OR) 6.0 ? After each upgrade should i stop the
    services in /etc/init.d and unload modules (OR) stopping services & unloading modules only once is
    enough to further upgrade to other versions ?

    My Plan is to upgrade from 4.1---> 4.1 MP2---> 5.1SP1--->5.1SP1RP4 (OR) 6.0

3) Before upgrading should i also stop & unload the below listed modules

   24  12800a8  26920 268   1  vxdmp (VxVM 4.1z: DMP Driver)
   25 7be00000 2115c8 269   1  vxio (VxVM 4.1z I/O driver)
   27  12a4698   13f0 270   1  vxspec (VxVM 4.1z control/status driver)
  213 7b2d7528    c40 272   1  vxportal (VxFS 4.1_REV-4.1B18_sol_GA_s10b)
  214 7ae00000 1706a8  20   1  vxfs (VxFS 4.1_REV-4.1B18_sol_GA_s10b)

  If yes, should i stop & unload after each upgrade (OR) doing it once is enough ?

4) Once the OS comes up with native disks (c#t#d#s#), In order to bring it under VxVM control we need to 
    encapsulate using vxdiskadm. My doubt is will rootdg, rootvol, plexes & subdisks be created
    automatically? Need a little clarification regarding this please.

Response is highly appreciated as always,
Thank you very much.


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