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Downgrade Backup Exec from 2012 to 2010

Created: 29 Mar 2012 • Updated: 20 May 2013 | 7 comments
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We would like to downgrade the Backup Exec 2012 to 2010.

Is this possible?

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Not directly, no. If you have a copy of your Data and Catalogs folders, you can do the following:

1. Uninstall BE 2012 completely and restart the server.

2. Install BE 2010 R3 from scratch and patch.

3. Once done, stop the BE services, and rename the current Data and Catalogs folders (eg. Data.old). Copy your backup of your previous Data/Catalogs folders into the installation directory, and restart the BE services.

Although the upgrade to BE 2012 allows you to roll back, once you've upgraded you need to do the above.


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Thanks for your reply.

Can we import the 2012 into 2010?

Because we already have a 2012 license.

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I highly doubt it. There is a change between BE 2010 and BE 2012. You can try, but it most likely won't work...did you create a backup before kicking off the upgrade to BE 2012?

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  You will have to downgrade the license keys from BE2012 to BE2010.

  BE2012 license keys are in SLF format which will not work in BE2010.

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I called the support for licenses.

They can downgrade your license BE2012 to a BE2010.

Than you can reinstall it like u sad.

Thanks for your help.

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Sorry, misunderstood your initial query. I thought you wanted to downgrade the software version, as in roll back to BE 2010 from BE 2012...licensing came out later.

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To help you further, instructions for downgrading from Backup Exec 2012 to Backup Exec 2010 can be found here:

Thank you!


Amy Johnson

Community Manager, Symantec