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Download Software Update Package task apparently running constantly

Created: 21 Aug 2013 | 5 comments
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While troubleshooting another issue on our NS, I noticed that there were many entries in the logs for Patch Management. We have our patch import and updates all set to run after hours, so I was surprised to see these entries during the middle of the day.


I was able to find entry in the logs above for item [1/174] and saw that it was tirggered by a reference to a "Download Software Update Package" task. I located this task in Manage>Jobs and Tasks>System Jobs and Tasks>Software>Patch Management. The task history shows that the task has been running on different update policies seemingly ceaselessly dating back months.


So, my question is: is this normal behavior? Has anyone else experienced this? Can you take a look at your NS and see how your history looks?



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Mine shows a whole bunch staged from last week when I staged Aug's patches and one from last night, MS13-036 I'm guessing had been revised as I download pmimport weekly on a Wed night/Thu morning and this was just after the import.

I'd check your pmimport "revise" settings and any package expiry settings you maight have for packages in general or Patch packages in particular.

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We did take a look at the revise settings. They're enabled. However, we run our PMImport at 2am and it usually wraps up before 8am. The revisions are occuring during the middle of the day -- that seems a little late for patch to be running revisions. We do have patches published dating back a couple of years, but I wouldn't guess that they need to be revised every day.

We are running our PMImport daily. I'm going to follow your lead and reduce that to once a week and see it that helps. I will let you know.



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You should run a FULL import, that will clear up any inconsistencies.

Uncheck the "incremental import" box - note it will take several hours depending on how many patches you have. I noticed yours go back to 2011 and you have third party patches too - so it may take 18 hours or more.

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Thanks for the advice. Sadly, we have the incremental box unchecked already, so we won't gain anything there. I'm holding out hope that switching from a nightly import to a weekly import over the weekend will limit the production impact we're seeing now.

Thanks for the help!


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I would recreated a few packages and see if that fixes it.

If it does not - I would do this for 1 or 2 patches :

Good Luck,