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Download Symantec Protection 5.1 for SharePoint Servers

Created: 24 Sep 2012 | 3 comments

Hi all,

I just have a short question. Does anybody know where could I download the Symantec Protection 5.1 for SharePoint Servers?

We have the following Symantec licence: SYMC PROTECTION SUITE ENTERPRISE EDITION 4.0 and as I know Symantec Protection 5.1 for SharePoint Servers  is included in that.

Please help me.

Thank you in advance.

Zoltán Kinorányi

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You can download

To download product information and new builds

  1. Go to the Symantec FileConnect Web site.
  2. Click your language to log on to the FileConnect system.
  3. In the Serial Number box, type the serial number that is printed on your certificate or upgrade insurance notice, and then click Login.
    If you do not know your serial number, contact Symantec Enterprise Customer Service.
  4. On the End User License Agreement Web page, click I Agree.
  5. Under Products, click the product version that you want to download.
    You will select the specific build that you want to download on a later screen.
  6. Select a download method, and then click Continue.
  7. Select the file for the build that you want to download, and then click Download.

Note: If you will be received solution please don't forgot Mark As solution

Thanks In Advance

Ashish Sharma

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Hi Ashish,

Thank you for your reply, I entered the Symantec File Connect but unfortunately I cant't see the program: Symantec Protection 5.1 for SharePoint Servers. I'm not sure if it's included in another package with different name.

Or maybe the reason that I can't see it is that maybe we don't have licence for that?

Thank you!

Zoltán Kinorányi

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May be you don't have license so you can't able to see this version

Thanks In Advance

Ashish Sharma