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Download the Symantec Threat Monitor Screen Saver - We Want Your Feedback!

Created: 09 Sep 2009 • Updated: 01 Sep 2010 | 106 comments

Looking for a way to bring Symantec’s security expertise and global intelligence network to life?  Download the Symantec Threat Monitor, powered by DeepSight.   This free screen saver keeps you updated on the threat landscape using a feed* from Symantec’s Deep Sight monitoring service.  It regularly updates itself when you are connected to the web and keeps you up-to-date on the latest threats online.   You can also view the page here:

*Note:  Data feed is delayed by 8-12 hours.

Please Provide Us With Your Feedback! 

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kurtsecure's picture

 I really appreciate the Threat Monitor (on WIndows) but would like it even better if I could run it under Mac OS X Snow Leopard.  Any idea when it will be ready for Mac?

kurtsecure's picture

 I have a Windows system with multiple monitors and Threat Monitor only displays on 2 out of the 3?

arjain's picture

there is a new SVS wallpaper @, if interested, check it out.

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thataboy85's picture

I'm glad Linda that it's a screensaver! For once I'm glad I took the time to check this out! I'm running
vista 64, and it works just fine. Thanks!

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jsjrch's picture

Months keep passing and yet there's still no update for the Mac OSX Snow Leopard OS.  Either post the updated code or remove the message that it will "be available soon" as that's clearly inaccurate. 

riva11's picture

No updates for Mac Snow Leopard OS but we hope we will see something soon.

mangahuisman's picture

Very nice screensaver!
Every admin who has a gpo locked down screensaver menu is not a real admin... cheeky 

khaskins82's picture

I'd rather have a dynamic RSS feed that I could display on my Sharepoint page. I have to provide those stats to executives in our company often.

I don't see the screen saver as that useful, as when the PC is on screensaver, the user is not looking at the monitor, they are gone.

I like the idea of a gadget for Windows 7 as well.

Hear4U's picture

We will discuss the feasibility of your ideas, just make sure you submit them!  Send me a PM if needed!


check out the community at

riva11's picture

Interesting idea, in any case I find helpful this screensaver that show updates during inactivity time.

Ronoc's picture

Its been some time now, and I would really like to have this install as the default screensaver in our Mac Lab to match the windows lab.

qwertyannonymous's picture

i think there is some serious problem's  with this screensaver,when i  start to install , running on hp compaq 510 under windows 7 starter.....
i hear my hard drive sound is knocking out...when start to install and the progress bar is stop, and nothing happen ..... must be not serious this time, to attack my hard drive... lol  and crying

but finally after i end task from task manager, i can run it normally, i ve not check anymore with my vista and xp.....broken heartbroken heart

SYMANTEC you breaking my heart....

yang_zhang's picture

really good

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@qwertyannonymous maybe your hard drive might have a problem. Try to check on your event logs if there is any logs connecting to disk failure or disk error.
I was working fine in my windows7 but unfornately, it doesnt run if my laptop when I disconnect to network.