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Download UNDI drivers (perhaps)? OR USB Ethernet NDIS Drivers

Created: 06 Mar 2013 | 5 comments

We are running an older version of Ghost Solution Suite (1.0 I believe).  I've been Googling all about trying to figure out how get a network boot disk for a USB Ethernet adapter we've recently purchased, and the best I can find is several references to trying UNDI drivers which should be available in Ghost.  Is my version too old for this?  I would hope though that I could still download the files from SOMEWHERE.  Attached is a pic showing some of the driver selections I currently have for creating a boot disk. 

If the UNDI drivers aren't available, does anyone know where I might be able to get either some NDIS or package drivers for a USB Ethernet adapter.  Searches for that have also proven fruitless :-(,

Any help is GREATLY appreciated!

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You cannot use a USB Ethernet adaptor in this way - it needs the full windows operating system in order to work, as it needs to be able to correctly handle the network category of USB device. The version of Ghost you have is not of relevance in this context.

UNDI drivers, were, as far as I am aware, intended for block storage devices.

I'm not even sure if you can get a USB NIC working under WinPE, but it may be worth trying as WinPE has native support for USB-2 ports.  What I do know is that even WinPE cannot work with Wireless adapters but at least that's not an issue here.

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Well, that answers that question then.  Thanks for the time EdT. 

I did find a few references online from a few people that were trying to get drivers for their USB adapters.  I'm having trouble finding those again though (can't remember the serach term).  I did find this interesting site which offers something that MAY work if it can at least see all USB devices in DOS as it claims:  I might give that a shot.

Other than that, I'll Google some more today to see if anyone has found something suitable.  I'm getting close to the "done" point with this, so if I still find nothing by days end, I'm going to rethink this with USB flash drives and another imaging program.

On a side note, I still would like to have the UNDI drivers I've been hearing so much about.  They could be super helpful for other Ghost casts to normal ethernet adapter clients.  If anyone knows how I might obtain those for my ancient Ghost version, please let me know.


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Don't waste your time with DOS and with UNDI drivers, as DOS cannot handle SATA, which is the default technology for hard disks in modern hardware, and also has severe limitations in the size of hard disk it can access.

Build yourself a WinPE environment as described here:

and then sort out any required drivers using the information in this article:

I run an old version of Ghost (v8.x) with WinPE and it works perfectly, and WinPE can have additional drivers loaded for any new chipsets that appear.

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Hmm, now that IS interesting.  I never thought of the PE approach for getting things up and running.   I don't know if I'd even need to worry about drivers for the ethernet adapter there,  If that is a prob though, the adapter does have drivers for the PE environment. 

I will see if we can give that a shot.  I ordered a few flash drives to do it without the network cards (just in case...time is getting close with this).  The developer here has worked out a way to image that way with Clonezilla.

Very good info!

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I make all my USB sticks PE bootable as they are ideal for cleaning up some of those dodgy virus files that are hard to shift while the operating system is running. Boot from WinPE and you can delete stuff off the hard disk without any problem.

You can also build a GUI front end for your WinPE solution using HTA files, as there is basic support for HTML and vbscript/WMI in WinPE, so you can autodetect the machine model you have booted from and then choose the right image from your library using a lookup table.

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