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DR for Backup exec media server

Created: 02 Jan 2013 • Updated: 13 Jan 2013 | 7 comments
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Hello everyone,

  We are planning a DR for our Backup environment.Here we are using Backup Exec 2012.We have never done this before which is raising many concerns for us.Procedure is as follows.Please validate this and let me know whether this works or not.

1.We will be taking backup of DATA folder and Catalogs folder from our old media server (A).

2.We will install Backup exec 2012 on new server(B) which is having all configurations same as old media server, and rename it as old media server(A) thereby removing the old media server.

3.Then we will copy the DATA folder and Catalog folder of old backup server into the new server.Run Beutility.exe...which will sink the catalogs with new server.Which means now our server is ready.

I know it sounds like a pretty awkward plan.but i agree iam not much aware of this.Please help me out in this.

I have following questions arising in my mind.

1.Is this a correct plan?

2.Can we able to restore data by the new server which is backed up by old server?

3.How can i make sure the catalogs gets synchronised with the data?

Please provide any technotes detailing this plan.

Thanks everyone

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1) Yes.  It is a workable plan, but it would be easier if you use SDR to restore your media server.

2) Yes.  You may need to inventory and catalog your media is somehow you are not able to access your old catalog.  See my article below on how to do so.

3) Catalogs always reflect what is in the corresponding backup sets.  If you can read the catalog, then you can restore the data in the corresponding backup set.  If you cannot read the catalog, then you would have to inventory and catalog the media.

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Step 1 - Backup Data and Catalog
Step 2 - Install BE on another server
Step 3 - Rename original Data and Catalog on New Server and copy back the old Data and Catalog
Step 4 - Start all Services
Step 5 - Inventory the media
If the Media Server name is changed ensure to update remote agent so that RAWS publishes to correct media server

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This is roughly what the user said that he wants to do.

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Hi pkh,

Thanks for your suggestions.But can you please show me a way without the need of cataloging the media..beacuse time frame available is very less and cataloging of media will take lot of time.

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If you replace the Catalog directory of the new installation with the Catalog directory of the old installation, then you don't have to do any cataloging. 

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  Can you please provide me the detailed process of bringing my media server up only using SDR,,,also what are the precautions i need to take,each and every step of this process..i have never used this before :-(