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DR site preparation

Created: 03 Sep 2014 • Updated: 11 Sep 2014 | 4 comments
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Good Day Geeks !

We are in planning phase of creating a new DC and its DR site. The plan is to create a new master server with three media servers at the production site and a standy by master server and 3 media servers at the DR site.

Standy master server will have same host name and NIC's will be in deactivated mode.

We planning to use recoverpoint to replicate the netbackup catalog at remote site.

Now ,i am little confused on how this will act during real disaster.

Production is down = ok

We made the DR up - now what all steps would be required to make it a production master ?

Do we need to do a complete catalog recovery ? I guess No as we already have catalog replicated to DR site and mounted to DR master.

What all steps would i need to perform to make DR up and running as production was



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there are two scenarios we looking for

1) what we need to recover if we replicate /usr/openv/netbackup/db/images

2) what we need to recover if we replicate /usr/openv

Would it work if we simply mount the /usr/openv ?


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Please always mention NBU version as there are different links to ducumentation for each version.

I will try to answer your questions a bit later. In the meantime, please download this manual: NetBackup in Highly Available Environments Administrator's Guide  and read through the section about catalog replication.

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Netabckup version would be

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NetBackup in Highly Available Environments Administrator's Guide: 

See About conditions for support of replicated NetBackup catalogs and the sections following this topic.

Go over to the next chapter and this topic: 
About non-clustered NetBackup master server with catalog replication  

Follow the steps to move relational and flat file catalogs to a single volume that will be replicate.

Replicating /usr/openv MAY work, but you need base install and patching on DR master.

You also need to double-check actual installation path, as the default on a Solaris server is /opt/openv with symbolic link to /usr/openv.

Please take your time and read through this doc.

Once you have implemented the replication, it is most important that you test from time to time.

When you test DR, simply boot DR master, ensure NBU is down, mount the replicated volume (perform necessary steps at replication level to ensure catalog volume can be mounted read/write), start NBU on master and media servers, test comms, then follow steps in the manual to delete device config and recreate it, followed by robot inventory.
You obviously need to ensure that latest tapes/backup images are available at DR site.

You should now be ready to test comms with clients at DR and start restores.

Supporting Storage Foundation and VCS on Unix and Windows as well as NetBackup on Unix and Windows
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